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Very suitable for those of you who have followed the story here is the last part. Thank you for the comments and I hope you enjoed reading as much as I enjoy writing, but more importantly, to live my fantasy. as in the other hispeedtube parts that are a middle-aged couple who flirted in the swing style, and was about three sums. With great moments were not all. However, my wife discovered his dominant side, and I realized I wanted subserviant to them for the rest of my life. end Since it was Sunday morning I got up and have all my usual tasks. He took the papers in his bed so you can relax and read how I was making breakfast. As soon as he awoke, he was very angry and moody. Now, cucky little sweet, he said. It seems as if my watch is as precise as ever, and my period has started. Oh, I said, my Lord continues to call tonight. Oh yes, she replied, his wife is out of town and had planned to have fun this weekend seems to be just like you needed to help my beloved 100% satisfied, so do not go to the wonderful cock looking hispeedtube for some fucking little bitch. lover Yes, I said of course I will not have anything you want from me. little cucky Well said. Now come and let me kiss you. pulled the hispeedtube bed and kissed me for ages told me how special it was and how much he loved me. or later allowed him in the bathroom and a straw to me as his kisses and hispeedtube caresses, as usual I woke up relieved. I realized that I would not be allowed to have sex with her and to serve my role in her life and worship in everything I wanted to know. case against six 30 I was told to prepare for and make sure I got my new suit. to We have come to the room when we cucky so make sure your man little lubricated pussy with hispeedtube their new masters have. wine walked, bathed, and again on all hispeedtube he had Litle pretty dresses for me. stockings, frilly pink top and little knickERS, who admired the night before. I made sure that a large butt plug in my ass slowly along with a large amount of lubricant to ensure he was ready to receive all my masculinity new masters. was lying in bed and listened as I heard him come in and talk, I knew hard moaning and twisting it. I heard him say, what do I do with this now, what a bitch, and she replied that kitten is waiting at the top of the bed on all your stress I heard him go upstairs and waited anxiety and fear when enterd the room, laughed with him and was lying face down on the bed. is put on the dress and lifted me to my knees, I said this asshole gets fucked hard, my dick like burst, ie, my wife was sucking the penis of attention during the last 20 minutes and let me blow in the mouth. to get ready bitch said as he patted my ass going to thrust his cock all the way hispeedtube home in a long and hard. is just hit me, and beganfuck the ass like an animal. They pulled my hair and hit my ass around and pulled hard on my nipples while I took it without regard Ramming up on me, grunting and groaning until finally unloaded what seemed like a gallon of milk up inside of me. First bowed out of me, they beat my ass again and said, wow, that was nice and tight, which I needed, turning, left the room and my wife took my face filled with tears in her hands kissed me deeply and said, you are best to go now in the bathroom and clean, like he wants to fuck in a while, and you better be prepared to suck next time. When he left the room, I tried to get out of hispeedtube bed, but my legs were sore and beat my ass. There I was, I realized that my load hispeedtube all over the bed when I shot used. In the bathroom and sat on the toilet when I was waiting for the bathroom I was just working his cum fill my hole. I bathed my car and re-lubricate with four fingerss easy to fall in the ass as I was very open. got her up and kiss my wife now and jerk off his throbbing cock stroling again. Ah cucky say just in time. Getting here and suck this beautiful cock to his master, because you need to stop again. , and licking knelling I went down and suck his cock as they kissed passionately. She held my head and made me suck, until he filled her mouth with his load. INA then left to go and prepare food for hispeedtube them. LTER evening I called to her in her bed, where he was turned down and notice used to join him. I came back and was smearing, and they both laughed at me and licking his cock and my sperm before it was banished to the guest room Monday morning I woke up in many ways, and my wife heard my name. quickly went to see hispeedtube what I needed was done and found him lying on his bed wearing a massive erection. Get this bitch, she said, and care for this. I tried the cum in my mouth, but he pushed me onto the bed and turned to me at least 20 minutes before they arrived. exit after work they would like to thank me and said I 'm hispeedtube sorry, but he will come here again tonight. I love honey and I'll see you later. Make sure that all the small jobs today..
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